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Discovery Initiative Launched

Stetson University has renewed its emphasis on guiding Discovery Students through the process of exploring a major. In our efforts to have a more intentional process of discovery for these students and to encourage the development of a ‘home’ in the Discovery major, we have launched a pilot Discovery cohort project in Fall 2017 comprising three important components:

Small Discovery Student Cohorts
Five first year seminars have been designated as Discovery FSEMs. Discovery students will be encouraged to register for one of these seminars:

  • The Search for Wisdom (Queen-Sutherland)
  • Hero’s Journey (Distler)
  • Water, Peace & Prosperity (de Bodisco)
  • Writing for the Health of It (Radley)
  • Medicines, Drugs and Toxins (York)

Linked Courses
Registered students will be automatically enrolled in one other specific course whose content aligns well with the FSEM and is a common course taken by students in their first semester.

  • SOCI 101S – Understanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology (Auyong)
    • Every Hero Has a Story
  • BIOL 142P – Introductory Biology: Animal and Plant Physiology (Work)
    • Medicines, Drugs, and Toxins
  • PSYC 101S – Introduction to Psychology (King)
    • The Search for Wisdom
  • ECON 103S – Essentials of Economics (Sanders)
    • Water, Peace, and Prosperity
  • BIOL 142P – Introductory Biology: Animal and Plant Physiology (May)
    • Writing for the Health of It

Professional Advising
Each discovery students will be assigned a professional, secondary advisor. Miguel Ortiz Burgos, coordinator of First-Year Academic Advising, is the secondary advisor to all first year students in the Discovery program. A faculty member will continue to function as the primary advisor, and the FSEM instructor will continue to provide the mentoring component associated with the seminar.