Faculty Awards Summer Grants

2021 Summer Grants for Faculty Research & Creative Inquiry

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to congratulate our Stetson teacher-scholar faculty on the submission of proposals for innovative scholarship, research and creative inquiry. The following Summer Grants Program projects were recommended by the Professional Development Committee to the Provost for their outstanding potential and dedication to Stetson’s mission of teaching, research, and artistic development:

Khushbu Mishra “Do Remittances Reshape Household Expenditures? Evidence from Nepal” 

Joshua Rust “Kurt Lewin’s notion of biological genidentity: what makes a caterpillar and a butterfly stages of the same organism?” 

Mayhill Fowler “War Stories: Theater on the Frontlines of Socialism” 

Chaz Underriner “Moving”  

Sean Kennard “Video Recording of Chopin’s 24 Preludes” 

Kevin Taylor, “The effects of deal complexity on entrepreneur sentiment during early-stage fundraising” 

Corie Charpentier, “The impact of light pollution on coastal larvae” 

J. Anthony Abbott, “Creating a Geodatabase of William Bartram’s Travels in Florida” 

Asal Johnson, “Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Florida Communities and Counties in Florida, 2020-2021” 

Teresa Carmody, “Raptured” 

Rachel Core, “The Social Construction of Two Epidemics in China: Tuberculosis and COVID-19” 

Michael Eskenazi, “How Much Do Readers Know About Their Eye Movement Behavior? 

Mary Ellen Oslick, “Building ESOL Networks (Project BEN) as pathways of change: Innovative Professional Development for Teachers of ELs and Teacher Candidates” 

Chesya Burke, “In Service to the White Creator: The Black Maid Archetype in Ann Petry’s The Street and Kathyrn Stockett’s The Help” 

Paul Sibbald, “Study of Organic Chemical Reaction Mechanisms Using Computational Methods.” 

Kelly Smith, “Public Health Retrenchment: Vaccine Exemption Laws in the US States 

Raisa Ankeny, “Building ESOL Networks (Project BEN) as pathways of change: Innovative Professional Development for Teachers of ELs and Teacher Candidates” 

Giovanni Fernandez, “Liquidity Needs, Emergency Funds, and Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Rates” 

Joseph Woodside, “Global Supply Chain Digitization and Innovation in the COVID-19 Era” 

Matthew Imes, “Determinants of Female Board Director Power” 

Nicole Mottier, “Threat Multiplier: War, Foodways and Agroecologies in Modern Mexico” 

Peter Smucker, ““Appalachian Folk Music, the Supernatural, and Social Encounters in Kentucky Route Zero.” 

Stuart Michelson, “Individual Financial Literacy and Financial Planning” 

Matthew Shannon, “Characterization of Atomic Level Interactions Between Proteins and Small Molecules Probed by  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopic Methods” 

Carol Azab, “YOU SAY BLACK LIVES MATTER- Do service providers walk the talk?”- Examining racial discrimination bias in service recovery” 

Jon-Michael Carrick, “Unicorn Founders Database” 

Jamie Clark, “Hear Her Voice”  

Rajni Shankar-Brown, “Creating Justice: Artivism for Civil and Human Rights” 

Congratulations to all award recipients!