SURE Grant Undergraduate Research

2024 Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience Awards

Congratulations to all 2024 SURE Grant recipients!

Diana Godinho (William Nylen, PhD): Brazil Case Study: Political Polarization and its Effects on a Democratic Youth

Amarige Champion (Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, PhD): Bum Painter or so-called Architect?: Oscar Bluemner’s Transition to Painting

Jason Albea (Leander Seah, PhD): The United States-Philippines Military Alliance: Ferdinand Marcos and the Cold War, 1965-1986

Sophia Maritz (Chadley Ballantyne, PhD): Changing Postures and Breathing Patterns: Insights into Singing through the RespTrack System

Tajah Garrett (Chadley Ballantyne, PhD): Embracing the creative art of songwriting, filming and recording

Natalie Thomas (Luca Molnar, MFA): Literature in Relation to Society and the Artworld

Braedyn Wasden (Christopher Jimenez, PhD): The Spaces and Bodies of Ligotti and Kafka: Between Space and Body in Capitalist Organizational Management

Nikki Membiela (Eric Johnson, PhD): The Self-Conscious Bi-Racial: How Examining Historic and Contemporary Literature Creates an Evolution in the Idea of Boisean Double Consciousness

Frueauff Research Grants

Savannah Goodwin (Corie Charpentier, PhD): Do Tidal Rhythms Effect Larval Dispersal in Aratus Pisonii?

Blair Durda (Sarah Garcia, PhD) Kirtan Kriya Meditation on Amnestic and Non-Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Proposed Study

Maxwell Shiffman (Holley Lynch, PhD): Collecting the first live images of Vanessa cardui embryos

Naya Adla (Thomas Vogel, PhD): Tracking Hate Speech on Twitter among the Arab Diaspora in the West  using Machine Learning Models

Sowren Wildingcrayne (Lynn Kee, PhD): Investigating Ginkgo Biloba Extract (EGb761) Amyloid beta (Aβ) inhibition using a transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans model.

Faculty Mentoring - Undergraduate Research Student Awards

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Grant

The FIEA Undergraduate Summer Research Experience fosters collaboration between intellectually motivated Stetson students and the University of Central Florida’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy graduate game-development program.

Congratulations to our FIEA Grant 2021 Winner: Connor Bradt

We commend his research mentor: Dengke Chen

Faculty Mentoring - Undergraduate Research Student Awards

Stetson Undergraduate Research Grant 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 SURE Grant award winners! We commend all faculty mentors of award recipients.

Julia Gray, “Social Media Usage and Conspiracy Theory Belief

Mentor: Michael Eskenazi

Kristina Mickens, “Prairie-Dwelling Rodents/Anaplasma phagocytophilum

Mentor: Sean Beckmann

Trenton Ward, “Lack of military coups/repression in Costa Rica after 1948

Mentor: Nicole Mottier

Ryan Estes, “Ecclesiastical Responses to the Albigensian Crusade

Mentor: Kimberly Reiter

Jake Simmons, “Protein-Ligand Interactions

Mentor: Matthew Shannon

Emily Keck, “Access to Black History in Volusia County

Mentor: Anthony Abbott

Jade Ammones, “Equity & Art Institutions

Mentor: Katya Kudryavtseva

Abigail Arient,Vodou Dance in the Caribbean

Mentor: Nicole Mottier

Shadia Muñoz-Najar, “The Effects of Compulsory Voting on COVID Mortality in Latin America

Mentor: Elizabeth Plantan

Mary Caputa, “Am Military crimes against the Japanese 1941-52

Mentor: Emily Mieras

Liam Leider, “Issues With Current Methods of Advertising SNAP

Mentor: Kelly Smith

Jordan Acosta, “Post-Soviet Mosque: Islamic Revival

Mentor: Michael Denner

Julia Finver, “COVID-19 health measures in FL universities

Mentor: Asal Johnson

Ruby Rosenthal, “Sex, Work and COVID 19

Mentor: Andy Dehnart

Meghan Landsberg, “The New Era of Misinformation

Mentor: Su Young Choi

Stetson Showcase Undergraduate Research

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