Enrollment in Scottish Experience up 37%

Student enrollment peaked during the fourth annual study abroad Scottish Experience, a collaborative of the University of the Highlands Islands Inverness College, Stetson University, Utah Valley University, and Jacksonville University. A total of 33 students participated in courses taughted by faculty from UVU, Jacksonville, and Stetson.

A centerpiece of the study abroad program is an embedded case study component where groups of students act as consultants to Scottish businesses and organizations to address an issue of pressing need.

Students and faculty take a quick break after presenting the outcomes of their case studies to business and organizational leaders.

Stetson’s Inaugural International Faculty Development Seminar Draws Diverse Disciplines to the Dominican Republic

A total of 10 Stetson University faculty and the WORLD Team descended on Santo Domingo during May 13-18, 2019 to learn how to better prepare students to learn abroad. Faculty hailed from business, education, humanities, social and natural sciences.

The seminar comprised classroom sessions on topics ranging from risk management and internationalization to curriculum integration and course assessment. Field trips to heritage locations and natural landscapes, such as the old colonial sugar mills and Three Eyes National Park, helped faculty consider the role of “place” in course design as well as how to balance high and low intensity learning experiences for students.

Los Tres Ojos (Three Eyes National Park) is a 50-yard open-air limestone cave located in eastern Santo Domingo.

Response to the seminar has been quite positive.

I feel so fortunate to be part of the journey we were on together. I feel that our relationship went to the next level…The moment we started together and ended pleasantly, it was a lesson in every moment and I am confident that this training will be helpful for all in launching our faculty led programs in future.”

Yes, echoing my colleagues for a wonderful opportunity and collegiality. Thank you WORLD and thank you everyone who participated 😍”

Thank you all for such a unique and valuable experience in DR. I would be happy to meet for regular lunches sharing ideas about the next steps in organizing faculty-led study abroad trips. Special thanks to the WORLD. You are a great team of professionals!🤗”

I’m continually amazed at and proud to be a part of Stetson’s wonderful community.”

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About the Stetson International Faculty Development Seminar

The IFDS program at Stetson University honors the longstanding commitment and dedication of Drs. David and Leighan Rinker to international learning. The centerpiece of the faculty development program is an immersive five-day experience where Stetson faculty participate in study abroad. The overarching goals are to equip Stetson teacher-scholars with best practice strategies for how to use location to deepen content, elevate student engagement and intercultural learning, develop safe, compliant and academically-rich study abroad programs, and promote Stetson’s value of global citizenship.

WORLD partnered with CIEE to co-offer the seminar. CIEE is a premier provider with significant expertise developing and implementing international faculty development seminars and study abroad experiences for students,. Contact world@stetson.edu for more information.

WORLD strengthens partnerships in Eastern Europe

During June 2018, WORLD staff cemented relationships with international partners of Stetson’s Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (SPREES).

In Kyrgyzstan at the American University of Central Asia (ACUA), Paula Hentz (back row, left), Stetson’s director of international learning, held meetings with Asel Umetalieva (back row, right) head of AUCA’s international students office, and AUCA’s president, Andrew Wachtel (front row, center). Hentz was joined by SPREES faculty administrators Mayhill Fowler  and Michael Denner (front row, right and left).

Stetson staff and faculty at commencement at AUCA

ACUA administrative building in Kyrgyzstan

Stetson staff meet up with Stetson student at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Poland

Stetson staff lunch with staff of Nova Mova  Language Schools in Kyiv, Ukraine

Stetson welcomes staff, faculty from the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

Stetson University has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, or University of Education, Freiburg. For over 40 years, faculty have participated in teaching and research residencies and in some cases, international exchange programs have brought faculty and students from Freiburg to Stetson.

Stetson students study at the Paedagogische Hochschule, or the PH for short, where they may choose from a full curriculum of courses taught in German. Participants may also take courses at the Albert Ludwigs University, one of the oldest and most famous in Germany. Students can earn a minor in German in one semester. In addition, Dr. Elisabeth Poeter, professor of German at Stetson, leads the Summer Freiburg Program where students examine post-war social and cultural developments of  Germany.

Dr. J. Anthony (Tony) Abbott, professor of environmental science and studies at Stetson University (left), is participating in faculty exchange at the PH during spring semester 2018, where he teaches  courses in environmental science and conducts research. In exchange, Prof. Dr. Gregor Falk, professor at the PH Institut für Geographie und ihre Didaktik, is teaching courses at Stetson

The PH was founded in 1962 is the largest of six Universities of Education in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The PH enrolls some 5,100 students in a broad range of bachelor and master degrees along with teacher training programs. The University offers excellent research-based first-degree level qualifications and further education complemented by a large share of professionally accompanied practical and application-based modules.

Picturesque Freiburg is located in the heart of the Black Forest. Known as German Tuscany, it is said that the sun shines more often here than in any other city in Germany. Freiburg’s Münster, whose construction began in 1200, is one of Europe’s great cathedrals, and the medieval gates to the city can still be viewed today. Freiburg is filled with music, street theatre, and festivals. Located just 30 kilometers from France and 70 kilometers from Switzerland, there is ample opportunity to travel outside of the country as well as to points of interest within Germany.

Learn more about students experiences in Frieburg or for information about study abroad and faculty exchange, contact world@stetson.edu.